“We Are One” Unless You’re New


Alert to non-unionized workers out there, be wary of joining a union during contract negotiations. Recent news has shown a plethora of contract negotiations where new members are stuck getting the short end of the stick. Union officials will throw you under bus as soon as negotiations get tough, and why not? Workers normally will either be forced to join a union and pay dues, so why should union officials fight for your benefit?

In contract negotiations between UAW and GM to stave off bankruptcy created a two-tiered pay system. New hires will receive $14.50 per hour to work in automaker plants, about half of what tenured autoworkers and union members receive. These wages are being implemented in the New York parts plant that GM invested $100 million. Solidarity is not present from these negotiations. UAW could have suggested a merit-wage system. In a merit-wage system senior members and workers would still have advantage because they have more experience and should be more efficient and productive than new hires. However, unions normally do not think logically and have no need to please a class of workers who will be forced to join the union.