We must all aspire to live in squalor

The enormously clever British environment minister David Miliband is very concerned that Kyoto appears to be falling apart because developing nations aren’t willing to do their bit (note that Miliband is concerned that the ex-colonies are being led astray by evil Arabs, a fascinating subtext). Of course, we could have told him that.

Anyway, Mr Miliband did a bit of sight seeing whilst in Kenya:

During his visit to Kenya, Mr Miliband saw how climate change will affect the poorest nations hardest even though they account for a tiny proportion of carbon emissions. In the north of the country, he met nomadic tribespeople suffering from drought, and spent a morning in a slum in the middle of Nairobi where one million people live in 2 sq km.

I can only assume he approved of their low-carbon lifestyle and asked them to carry on living in squalor “for the sake of the planet.”

Mr Miliband also suggested that global warming was too important to be left to environment ministers. We agree. We’ve been saying for years that the grown ups need to get involved and sort out the mess the children have made…