Wherein I join the Manhattan Institute

I have joined the Manhattan Institute as an adjunct fellow. This won’t have any adverse effect on the Center for Class Action Fairness—I’ll still be litigating cases on behalf of consumers against settlements that are rip-offs, and that litigation will be entirely separate from the Manhattan Institute. (Wednesday alone we filed two briefs and negotiated a discovery dispute with opposing counsel.)

It just means that I’ll be spending more of my spare time writing for MI (and especially its Point of Law blog), and can be more of a fox and less of a hedgehog on legal issues because I’ll have an outlet to publicize my thinking on civil justice reform beyond the problem of class action abuse. Thanks to the kind words from Wally Olson (who, by moving to Cato, leaves me big shoes to fill), Jim Copland, Carter Wood, and Dan Pero.

Update: also in Legal Newsline.