Whiny Germans Think Climate Change Legislation Costs Too Much!

It’s terrible.  The Europeans, who routinely claim to be morally superior to the greedy American species, are now yelping about the cost of climate change legislation.  The Germans, in this case, actually want to sacrifice the planet’s future for their own selfish purposes.  Explains Deutsche Welle:

At a meeting of government and industry officials on Tuesday, July 15, Germany’s Deputy Economics Minister Jochen Homann and all other speakers said that the EU plan was not business-friendly.


“The conclusion of the conference is that there is only limited scope for reducing “emissions” in the industrial sector and the EU climate package needs improvement in key areas,” said the ministry in a statement.


The ministry was particularly critical of the EU’s goal to cut the quota of emissions trading permits by 21 percent, compared to 2005 levels, saying this would cost Germany both jobs and growth. As a major burner of fossil-fuels, which cause unwanted CO2 emissions, Germany would be especially hard hit by the plan, added the ministry.


The statement also pointed out that an emissions trading program would result in a price hike for products that are useful in reaching climate goals, such as insulation glass and insulating construction materials.

Where will it end?  Next they will start claiming that a wealthier society is better able to meet environmental challenges.