Yes, the Ticketmaster class action settlement is appalling

Yes, we know about the Ticketmaster class action settlement, which over a dozen class members have emailed us about. There’s no question that this coupon settlement (complete with questionable cy pres) would be illegal in federal court. Unfortunately, the case is pending in California state court. This limits the precedential value of the case (it’s only a jurisdictional accident that it’s not in federal court; if it were brought today it would be), and I’m sufficiently discouraged by the last few ventures into state court that I’m reluctant to devote limited resources to it. Including objections and a notice of appeal we’ve committed to file but haven’t yet, we have nineteen cases pending, including eight appeals where the briefing isn’t finished.

However, many of the class members who have written us are attorneys. So a possibility is that sufficiently angry attorney class members volunteer to write the briefs (working off of briefs we’ve previously filed on these issues). Then someone based in California (or me) could attend the fairness hearing. Other class members could submit their objections saying they’re joining that one. We’re going to try to coordinate that over the course of this month; if you’ve written to me, and I haven’t emailed you yet on this, I will this weekend.