5 energy issues to watch if Trump wins

EnergyWire cites CEI General Counsel Sam Kazman on U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) dishwasher policy.

“We’re hopeful that some of the progress we’ve seen in a few areas will continue,” said Sam Kazman, general counsel at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, which has pressed the administration for changes, including to dishwashers. “We think ultimately we’re going to see some real improvements in something that has become sort of a regulatory joke.”

DOE last month tweaked efficiency requirements for dishwashers and signaled in August it would create a product class to allow for speedier washing machines and dryers — both CEI goals. In August, DOE proposed a rule that would allow showers to deliver a greater blast of water by changing the definition of “showerhead.”

Proponents “keep touting the fact that the standards will give us products that are even better than what we have now … but that claim turns out to be false and people know it,” Kazman said.

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