AB-InBev buys UK’s Camden Town Brewery, crowdfunding investors score big

Craft Brewing Business mentions John Berlau's article on how crowdfunding provides opportunities for craft breweries. 

The article (nicely written by John Berlau) goes on to state that new business formation in the United States has plunged 30 percent since 2008, and business deaths now outpace business births for the first time since the 1970s (Berlau cites the Kauffman Foundation). That has a lot to do with America’s antiquated business laws, including the ability for ordinary Americans to start and invest in a new business without over-the-top government interference. The article goes on to discuss the efforts of Obama, Bernie Sanders and JOBS Act 2.0, as well as the smothering structure that is the current state of American venture capitalism. Read the whole piece right over here.

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