Agencies Issued 18 Regs For Every Law Congress Passed In 2016

The Daily Caller discusses Wayne Crews’s report comparing the Obama administrations regulations to laws that Congress passed in 2016. 

Executive branch agencies under President Barack Obama issued 18 rules and regulations for every law Congress passed in 2016, according a Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) analysis of public records.

Federal agencies issued issued 3,853 rules and regulations in 2016 — 43 more than last year — dwarfing the 211 laws Congress passed as of Nov. 28. The Federal Register added a record-setting 97,110 pages in 2016 as of Dec. 30, according to a preliminary tally from the National Archives’ Federal Register database.

“Legislators of both parties relinquished their constitutional authority and tolerate the administrative state,” wrote Clyde Wayne Crews, CEI’s vice president for public policy, who calls the number of rules and regulations bureaucrats issue for every law Congress passes the “unconstitutionality index.”

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