AI tools such as ChatGPT are the hottest new trend for companies, but experts urge caution

Fox Business cites Director of the Center for Technology and Innovation Jessica Melugin on AI tools:

According to Jessica Melugin, director of the Center for Technology & Innovation at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, we are just at the very beginning of mass use for AI-powered technologies – and that while the powerful tools come with incredible benefits, users must also proceed with some caution.

Melugin says she sees AI making desk tasks more efficient, therefore people will be more productive. But, she notes, “It’s not going to be a substitute for the human mind in terms of strategizing, in terms of innovating, in terms of emotional intelligence, empathy, complex problem-solving…it’s only as good is the input that it’s been trained on.”

AI is not completely accurate, for starters. Melugin said she has asked Google’s Bard, which is still in beta testing, to write about subjects she is an expert on and has found it to be pretty good, roughly 90- to 95% accurate. But she warns that it does not replace human expertise.

Melugin said AI tools are great for human resources professionals to use for the first draft of a job description, or for an attorney to assist with their work, but, “you wouldn’t turn it in as your amicus brief to the Supreme Court.”

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