Airline Consumer Advocates Unhappy With DOT Appointment

Travel 60 Weekly cited CEI President and CEO Kent Lassman and CEI Adjunct Fellow Frances Smith on U.S. Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao’s appointment of Smith as consumer representative.

On Nov. 15, DOT secretary Elaine Chao announced that she had appointed Frances Smith, an adjunct fellow at libertarian think tank Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), to fill the committee seat representing consumer interests. 


In a Nov. 28 press release, CEI president Kent Lassman called Smith “a formidable, accomplished advocate for consumer empowerment.”

“CEI is proud of her record as a consumer advocate and we look forward to hearing her strong voice for consumers on the Aviation Consumer Protection Advisory Committee,” he said.

In the same release, Smith vowed to use her seat to champion consumer interests.

“In my many years of dealing with policy issues, I have worked hard to identify and implement public policies that empower consumers to make informed decisions in their everyday lives and in their own best interests,” she said. 

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