‘Amazing’ developments re: self-driving cars

One News Now discusses technology developments for self-driving cars with Marc Scribner. 

"More training options are great," says Marc Scribner, transportation policy analyst for the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI). "But right now, at least where we are, I think a general sort of educational program like that is less useful in the self-driving car settings, at least as things are currently being done by the major developers, primarily because the technology is so proprietary."

Scribner says there are common elements between all of these various prototypes, namely they all tend to rely on the same classes of sensors. But the underlying software can be dramatically different.

"So, I'm all for more education on that," he tells OneNewsNow. "I'm just not sure how far that will actually go in the real world, and I think the training that needs to be done will take place within these developers."

"Over the past few years, you've seen all the major automakers move into the development of self-driving cars," he observes, "or at least some levels of automation, but … the top sort of players right now — Google is still a major player, Volvo, Ford, and then Uber, which has partnered with both those companies."

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