Analyst foresees tension between businesses and DOL

One News Now discusses the Department of Labor's new joint employer standard with Trey Kovacs. 

"They're not hiring and firing these people, they are not scheduling when these people work, [and] they are not the ones who are paying them," Kovacs says of the Department of Labor. "This is just to attack large employers and get them to really in-source this to make it easier for unions to organize these larger companies."

There is legislation in Congress to amend the National Labor Relations Act to "allow two or more employers to be considered joint employers for purposes of the Act only if each shares and exercises control over essential terms and conditions of employment and such control over these matters is actual, direct, and immediate."

In the meantime, Kovacs expects to see legal challenges, especially from large companies.

"Depending on how persuasive the courts view it, they'll either side with the Department of Labor or the employer," he predicts.

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