Attorney: Voucher redemption in AG Hood case not surprising

Legal Newsline discusses the Microsoft class action settlement case with Ted Frank.

The 2009 settlement provided $40 million for the State, $10 million for private attorneys and up to $60 million in vouchers for consumers. Hood said this week, though, that consumers used $1 million worth of coupons, which had a value of $12.

"It's not surprising that the vouchers ended up being worthless to most Mississippians," said Ted Frank, the founder of the Center for Class Action Fairness.

"Attorneys regularly agree to coupon settlements to make settlements look larger than they are, knowing full well that only a tiny percentage of coupons will ever be redeemed."

"Hood is lying to his electorate when he says the $10M in attorneys' fees did not cost taxpayers anything," said Frank, also a writer for the legal blog Point of Law.

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