Bader Up: A New Leader at CEI

The incoming president of the Washington-based Competitive Enterprise Institute told Human Events his new assignment begins with the New Year and that he is looking forward to a full-on leadership role.

“I will be managing the entire portfolio,” said Lawson R. Bader, who is leaving the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, Fairfax, Va., where as the vice-president his job focused mainly on development and fundraising. He was also the go-to emcee for the center’s various functions and ceremonies through the years.

Fundraising is important, but this new job means Bader can return to being an operator again, he said.

“Through humor, individuality and rigorous policy analysis, CEI unashamedly promotes and defends classical liberal economic perspectives,” he said. “Being intellectually consistent and correct matters more to CEI than being blindly dogmatic that’s a rare commodity in D.C. these days,” he said