Biden Figures Wage War On Trump’s High-Performance Dishwasher Rule

The Washington Times cites CEI General Counsel Sam Kazman on the Energy Department’s new high-performance dishwasher rule.

Pushing back against the legal challenges was Sam Kazman, general counsel of the free-market Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), who argued that lawsuits would “soak consumers.”

He said federal energy regulations have resulted in cumbersome dishwashers that take up to two-and-a-half hours per cycle without getting dishes as clean as the pre-regulatory models.

“Dishwashers are one of the worst examples of overregulated appliances,” Mr. Kazman said in a statement. “For years, they’ve gone up in price and down in performance as a result of increasingly stringent ‘efficiency’ standards that are worse than non-productive.”

He called the Energy Department’s new high-performance dishwasher rule “a welcome step towards remedying this problem. Whatever goals the 15 state attorneys general might have in bringing this challenge to that rule, serving consumers is definitely not one of them.”

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