Biden Plans To Destroy What’s Left Of The Economy With Ban On Gas Powered Vehicles

Photo Credit: Getty

CEI’s Marlo Lewis is cited in the Daily Wire on Biden’s plan to ban gas powered vehicles:

Marlo Lewis, a Senior Fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), assessed that under these rules,

…even if … Toyota scrapped all its vehicles and just manufactured its best-in-class Prius, the company’s fleet average tailpipe CO2 emissions rating would still be more than double the EPA’s 2032 standard. … Clearly, automakers cannot comply with the EPA’s ‘performance-based’ GHG program without rapidly phasing out internal combustion engine vehicle sales and rapidly ramping up electric vehicle sales.

As CEI states, this is one of the most extreme rules that’s ever been proposed by a federal agency. Similar regulations are already in the works for the trucking industry, which would of course destroy the nation’s economy. California is, once again, the leader in those regulations, with some already in effect. But CBS News has no problem with any of this. They’re happy to tell you that there will be less smog in the air, so just roll with it. The EPA has issued its commandment, and the EPA knows best.

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