Biden’s Regulatory Blitz On Appliances Figures To Make Life More Expensive, Policy Experts Say

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CEI’s Ben Lieberman is cited in Daily Caller on Biden’s blitz on appliance figures:

“If these ultra-efficient appliances make sense, homeowners would choose them even without these government mandates. One-size-fits-all regulations force that choice on everyone whether it makes sense or not,” Ben Lieberman, a senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute specializing in energy policy, told the DCNF. “In addition, the often-modest savings are often not worth the hassle, for example with dishwashers that now take more than two hours to finish a load of dishes as compared to about an hour before the government started meddling with them.”

Lieberman authored a Monday piece for The Wall Street Journal examining the costs tied to the administration’s January 2023 efficiency rules for residential air conditioners. He wrote that regulation has teamed up with other economic factors to massively increase the costs of new residential units, which has doubled in some instances to about $12,000 since 2020.

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