Bloomberg Unwittingly Vindicates Stigler

The Cato Institute cited Vice President for Policy and a Senior Fellow Wayne Crews on the Trump administration and regulatory reform.

Thankfully, we have the indefatigable Wayne Crews of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, who has composed a far more comprehensive picture for us. EO 13771 now adds a new variable to the regulatory metadata: whether or not OIRA deems a rule to be “Deregulatory” or “Regulatory” (for EO-compliant agencies). This is a big boon to quantitative researchers, and I myself am using this new variable in a forthcoming analysis. Moreover, Mr. Crews tabulates that federal agencies in FY2017-2018 have either completed or are actively formulating 671 deregulatory rules (vs. 257 regulatory). Among “economically significant” rules, the ratio of deregulatory-to-regulatory actions is 4-1.

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