CEI Appeals Footlong Subway Settlement: Lawyers Got $520K, Most Plaintiffs ‘Got Nothing’

CNS News reports on Center for Class Action Fairness's objection of the Subway Footlong settlement. 

A court-approved $525,000 settlement over a less-than-Footlong Subway sandwich is being appealed by the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s (CEI) Center for Class Action Fairness (CCAF).

CCAF says it is filing the appeal because the lawyers in the class-action lawsuit pocketed $520,000 while the majority of the plaintiffs “got nothing”.

“Every cent of that amount ended up with class counsel and the class’10 named representatives,” CCAF director Theodore Frank pointed out.

“In the appeal, we will present a straightforward question to the [7th Circuit] Court of Appeals: Is it acceptable to certify (approve) a class action where the class represented will derive no benefit?” explained CCAF attorney Adam Schulman.

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