CEI: Court Decision to Ban Chlorpyrifos Pesticide Shows Need for EPA to Finalize Science Transparency Rule

A federal court ordered the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to ban chlorpyrifos, a pesticide used to protect crops, within 60 days.

CEI Senior Fellow Angela Logomasini said:

“The Trump Administration should certainly challenge this ruling, which goes beyond the bounds of reason and conflicts with all the best science on chlorpyrifos.  The EPA is currently pursuing a scheduled scientific review on chlorpyrifos, and there is no reason they should stop that because of a misguided activist petition. The Trump Administration was right to reject the proposed ban because it was based on a single study that EPA’s science advisory board indicated was inappropriate for drawing any conclusions.  In addition, the researchers refuse to release the underlying data of this study, preventing anyone from doing legitimate scientific review to ensure its validity. This case offers yet another reason why EPA should finalize its pending rule to increase scientific transparency at the agency.”