CEI: We’re in legal fight against dirty power

One News Now reports on CEI's filing of a court motion in DC to have Attorney General Claude Walker sactioned for violating their First Ammendment rights. 

Attorney General Walker has since dropped his subpoena amid criticism that he was abusing his power. But prior to that announcement, CEI filed a court motion in the District of Columbia to have Walker sanctioned.

In recent days, Walker's legal team claimed that CEI is wrong that the First Amendment shields the organization from cooperating with this lawful investigation. The legal team went on to say, "This is an investigation into whether Exxon committed fraud, and it is well established that the First Amendment does not shield fraud."

Sam Kazman, CEI general counsel, tells OneNewsNow that all of this stems from positions CEI has taken. If it's not an attempt to shut down free speech, he says, he's not sure what is. 

"(This) is clearly aimed at shutting down the global warming debate," the attorney alleges. "It is aimed at chilling the speech of not just CEI but groups and individuals like CEI, and it is aimed at intimidating supporters of groups like us."

"I should mention that even though he did withdraw the subpoena, his letter, which was somewhat arrogantly worded, nonetheless reserved the right expressly stated he might reissue the subpoena if he changed his mind in the future," Kazman says. "We're not about to sit idly by with that sort of threat hanging over us."

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