Class Action Fariness Advocate Objects to Softsoap Class Action Settlement

Top Class Actions discusses CEI’s Center for Class Action Fairness’ objection in the SoftSoap class action settlement: 

The objection was filed by objector Anna St. John in a New Hampshire federal court on Aug. 10. St. John is an attorney who works for the Center for Class Action Fairness.

St. John says that she doesn’t have any problems with the amount of the SoftSoap class action settlement, which resolves allegations that Colgate deceived its customers into thinking its Softsoap Antibacterial liquid hand soap was able to kill most common germs because it included the ingredient triclosan. Her issue is with how the money is being allocated.

Under the Softsoap class action settlement, which was reached in June, most of the money goes to attorneys’ fees and the five class representatives in the form of incentive payments.