Climate Hustle counteracts catastrophe myth, defends constitutional liberties discusses the subpoena Attorney General Claude Walker sent CEI as part of the intimidation campaign to silence the debate on climate change. 

The group further executed their eco-powers through former EPA attorney, Claude Earl Walker, who filed a RICO suit against both ExxonMobil and the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI).

The suit alleged that Exxon conspired to obtain money under false pretenses, an offense conjured up by those not recognizing Exxon’s promotion of prosperity around the globe by providing cheap, reliable energy, upon which national economies depend. CEI called the suit a punishment for its views on government’s climate change policies and exposing the myth of climate catastrophe.

CEI intends to fight the suit, calling it offensive and un-American. Its letter to Walker stated, “You can either withdraw it or expect to fight, because CEI strongly believes that this campaign to intimidate those who dissent from the official orthodoxy on climate change must be stopped.”

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