Clipping The Corrupt CFPB’s Wings

Investor’s Business Daily covers the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s slush fund.

We’ve been clear where we  stand with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the swamp creature created by the 2010 Dodd-Frank law: It should be shut down. Barring that, it must be reined it. Trump’s doing that.

It’s bad enough that the Obama-era CFPB has become a wet blanket on the small-business economy and on community banks, which increasingly find themselves tied up in costly CFPB red tape. But, thanks to CFPB mastermind Sen. Elizabeth Warren, the corrupt setup of the agency in effect turned it into a massive source of funding for left-wing groups.

It’s unclear how much  the agency has spent and who exactly it’s going to. But the Competitive Enterprise Institute recently found that CFPB had given money to 593 far-left or liberal Democratic groups for each Republican or conservative group it gave to.

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