Collusions Ahoy! Law Enforcement For Rent…Because Climate

Watts Up With That? cited CEI’s Senior Fellow Chris Horner’s “Law Enforcement for Rent” report.  

A new CLW video,  citing to a recent report by the Competitive Enterprise Institute, “Law Enforcement for Rent,” lays out the most stunning revelation about an extensive and elaborate campaign to use law enforcement, in coordination with major contributors and activist pressure groups, to attain a policy agenda that failed through the democratic process.


As detailed in CEI’s report, and source documents available on, organizers avoided “includ[ing] any specifics about the event” in handouts. One presenter described it not once but twice in emails to friends as a “secret meeting”; it was secret enough that the Vermont Office of Attorney General litigated to withhold the agenda—under implausible claims of privilege—for a year and a half before being compelled by a court to release the lineup for what turned out to have been an attorneys general-assisted fundraiser focused on pursuing opponents of the climate political agenda.

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