Congress Stands Up for Ronald (McDonald)

The Washington Free Beacon covers the passage of the Save Local Business Act.

The House of Representatives passed a bill that could roll back Obama labor board’s crackdown on franchise businesses.

On Tuesday, the House voted 242-181 to pass the Save Local Business Act, which would prevent parent corporations from being held liable for labor violations committed by franchisees or subcontractors. The bipartisan vote came despite a September overture from Democratic leadership to wrangle members against the bill. If passed by the Senate it will set a strict standard for determining joint employment by requiring regulators or plaintiffs’ lawyers to prove that a parent company “directly, actually, and immediately, and not in a limited and routine manner, exercises significant control” over labor practices.

Some groups have urged the Senate to move quickly on the bill. Trey Kovacs, a labor expert at the pro-free market Competitive Enterprise Institute, said it is needed to “relieve job creators from near-unlimited liability.”

“Without reform to joint employer liability, businesses face confusing and uncertain labor costs. This puts jobs and businesses at risk, leading to decreased opportunities for entrepreneurs and less job creation,” Kovacs said in a statement.

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