Court orders TSA to finalize rule on full-body scanners

The Hill quotes Marc Scribner on the recent CEI win in a lawsuit against TSA for not following federal procedure for rulemaking in it's decision to enforce body scanners.

The CEI group said Friday that the ruling in its favor "brings an end to the lawlessness that has plagued the [TSA's] approach to body scanners for more than four years since the court ordered the TSA to conduct this rulemaking.
“Today’s victory will rein in TSA’s illegal body scanner policy," CEI Research Fellow Marc Scribner said in a statement about the court ruling.

"We are pleased the court agreed with our petition that TSA has taken far too long to comply with the basic rulemaking process that all agencies must follow," Scribner continued. "We look forward to examining the final rule to see how the TSA considered the thousands of public comments on how, why, and where the TSA can use body scanners.”