Critics Fear The EPA Is Trying To Circumvent Major Supreme Court Ruling

The Daily Caller discusses with Marlo Lewis EPA administrators' reactions to the Supreme Court's stay on the Clean Power Plan.

McCarthy’s remarks signal the EPA is trying to find ways to get around the Supreme Court’s ruling against the agency? That’s what concerns experts at the free market Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI).

“It’s definitely worth monitoring—and investigating,” Marlo Lewis, a CEI senior fellow, told The Daily Caller News Foundation. Lewis pointed out the EPA may be trying to circumvent the Supreme Court’s stay.

“I mean, if communications between EPA and its state counterparts vis-à-vis the Clean Power Plan continue as if nothing has changed, then wouldn’t that be an end-run around the Court?” Lewis said.

“Congress should invite McCarthy to testify and explain what types of communications and coordination with state counterparts she has suspended and/or prohibited pending final resolution of CPP litigation on the merits,” Lewis said.

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