Dem AG: Free speech no defense against climate crimes

The Washington Examiner reports on the Attorney General Claude Walker's denial that his subpoena served to CEI violates the Constitution. 

The attorney general was responding to a recent court motion by the free-market think tank Competitive Enterprise Institute, which sought to block the attorney general from targeting CEI and other climate skeptics under his investigation.

CEI says the climate probe violates its First Amendment rights to free speech under the Constitution.

"An attorney general is neither above the law nor out of reach of the D.C. Superior Court," Lassman said in a statement.

Walker believes that "constitutional abuses are not worth the court's time," said Lassman. "As if from a parallel universe where everything is reversed, Walker claims that CEI's motions in response to overreaching and abusive action initiated by his office are a waste of his time and resources."

CEI General Counsel Sam Kazman says Walker "has only himself to blame."

Kazman said in a statement: "When you abuse your authority to harass those whose views you dislike, there are going to be consequences. And when courts spend their time examining and sanctioning abuses like Walker's, abuses which ultimately threaten us all, that is time well spent."

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