Democrats Seek to Hobble Republican-led Labor Board

The Washington Examiner discusses an attemt to hobble the National Labor Relation Board’s pro-worker agenda with Trey Kovacs.

Democrats led by Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren are trying to hobble President Trump’s efforts to transform the National Labor Relations Board, the main federal labor law enforcement agency, into a pro-business institution.

The party has ensured that one newly confirmed board member, William Emanuel, may have to recuse himself from several major cases, preventing the NLRB from having a Republican majority in rulings. The labor board operates by a simple majority vote and is currently composed of three Republican appointees and two holdovers from former President Barack Obama’s administration.

Trey Kovacs, labor policy expert at the libertarian Competitive Enterprise Institute, argued that Warren was making a mountain out of a molehill. “In most instances, a panel of three board members decide cases before the NLRB. Usually, the full board only decides novel or potential precedent-changing cases,” Kovacs noted. “Unless all of Mr. Emanuel’s former clients are involved cases that are novel or precedent changing, which is unlikely, the NLRB will be able to operate just fine and simply assign other members to hear those cases.”

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