DeVos to Overhaul ‘Shameful’ Obama-Era Campus Sexual-Assault Regulations

The Washington Times discusses Betsy Devos’ proposed overhaul of the Obama administration’s Title IX guidelines with Hans Bader.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos announced Thursday an initiative to overhaul the Obama administration’s campus sexual assault guidelines, accusing the “shameful” system of failing the accused and the accuser by creating “kangaroo courts.”

Hans Bader, senior attorney at the free market Competitive Enterprise Institute, applauded the move, saying Mrs. DeVos was “right to question the Obama administration’s demands on colleges.”

“The Obama administration thumbed its nose at federal court rulings in how it defined constitutionally protected speech as sexual harassment,” Mr. Bader said. “And it pressured colleges to violate state law and discard traditional safeguards for wrongly accused people.”

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