Dishwasher too slow? Rick Perry’s being pressed to fix it

The Washington Examiner features our petition on dishwasher efficiency standards that make wash cycles eggregiously long:

A free-market group is calling on Energy Secretary Rick Perry to speed up dishwasher wash cycles, which are taking hours to clean the dishes — hopefully — and have become a “royal pain” for consumers.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute petitioned Perry Wednesday morning to roll back energy-efficiency standards for dishwashers that are making the wash cycles twice as long as what they used to be. The long cycles are becoming a top complaint for consumers.

The Washington libertarian group wants the Trump administration to ensure dishwashers take no more than an hour to complete their wash cycles, which is how long they took a decade ago.

“It used to take you only an hour to get a full load of dishes washed and dried in your dishwasher,” said Sam Katzman, the group’s general counsel. “Today, thanks to federal energy efficiency standards, the average time is nearly 2.5 hours.”

Katzman said the added time is “not progress; it’s bureaucracy.” For consumers, it’s a “royal pain,” which Katzman hopes Perry “will change course” to correct.

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