Dozens Of Energy Policy Experts Write To Congress Opposing ‘Carbon Tax’ Gateway Bill

Photo Credit: Getty

CEI’s Daren Bakst is cited in the Daily Caller regarding a coalition letter urging lawmakers to reject the PROVE It Act.

Dozens of energy experts and advocates signed onto a Tuesday letter to congress expressing their opposition to a bill that they say opens the door to a “carbon tax.”

Forty-one organizations were represented as signatories to the letter urging lawmakers to reject the PROVE It Act, a bipartisan bill that would mandate the Department of Energy (DOE) to study the carbon intensity of U.S.-made products as a potential first step toward implementing a carbon tariff on foreign goods, according to its text. However, as the bill’s opponents make clear in their letter to legislators, there is significant concern that the imposition of a carbon tariff on foreign goods would pave the way for the government to craft and enforce carbon taxes on domestic goods after the government establishes a means to calculate the cost of carbon.

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