Economic reality: no free lunch…or sodas either

One News Now discusses Philadelphia’s soda tax with Michelle Minton. 

If you ask Michelle Minton at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, everybody wants to see the most people possible with high-income jobs, but something else needs to be considered.

“It’s just a fact of reality that if you force a company to pay a larger amount, whether it’s in health care, benefits, or income, they’re going to have to cut costs somewhere,” she says.

Observers indicate that when someone speaks out against the tax, they’re accused of being opposed to pre-K and higher wages. Others are labeled as shills for industry.

“Philadelphia has a lot of corruption,” Minton adds. “There’s a lot of waste. There are a lot of places where if they wanted to do this pre-K program…there were plenty of places they could have found the money, besides costing low-income families a lot more money to buy soda.”

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