Environmentalists Are Destroying My Kitchen

Despite the New York Times’ gaslighting, bureaucrats and politicians are coming for your stoves.

Reason Magazine cites CEI’s Devin Watkins and Sam Kazman on environmentalist agendas:

“When a new energy standard is adopted by the DOE, the result is an increase in dishwasher cycle time,” reads a report by the free market Competitive Enterprise Institute. “Of the current 177 models reviewed by ConsumerReports.org, the fastest cycle time was the Frigidaire model FBD2400KS at 90 minutes. This is not due to consumer choice, but because it is not technologically feasible to create dishwashers that both meet the current standards and have cycle times of one hour or less.” (Some dishwashers have shorter cycles, running at about 60 minutes, which can rinse glass but don’t really get the job done when confronted with tougher grease and grime.)

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