Environmentalists’ attack on free speech

The Washington Examiner reports on the attorneys general intimidation campaign to silence the debate on climate change, and their attack on CEI's First Amendment rights. 

I'm a former employee of the Competitive Enterprise Institute who disagrees with the organization's take on the subject of climate change. I'm nonetheless outraged that CEI now faces a subpoena for records related to its internal discussions about our changing climate. The attack on CEI launched by U.S. Virgin Islands Attorney General Claude Earl Walker, and supported by former Vice President Al Gore and the group Attorneys General United for Clean Power, is an attack on both free speech and public participation in the policy process.

Scientific data can tell us a lot about the world but it can't determine what policy ought to be. No matter how much they disagree with CEI's positions on climate change, environmentalists should be scared — very scared — about campaigns by public officials to intimidate private organizations into silence.

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