EPA Seeks To Fire Up Coal Industry By Rolling Back Obama-Era Standards

The Washington Times cited CEI’s Senior Fellow Marlo Lewis on EPA proposed roll back of Obama-era rules.  

The Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday proposed rolling back the Obama-era rules on coal-fired power plants, a key element of the previous administration’s so-called “war on coal” that President Trump has vowed to end.

The agency moved to scale back the Obama administration’s 2015 Clean Air Act performance standards on greenhouse gases from new, modified and reconstructed coal-powered utility stations, regulations that have been denounced as all but impossible to meet.


The Obama regulations effectively banned construction of new coal-fired power plants, “a policy Congress never approved and would not pass if put to a vote,” said Competitive Enterprise Institute senior fellow Marlo Lewis.

“By lifting the ban, EPA’s proposal will help restore the separation of powers and safeguard affordable energy for American consumers,” Mr. Lewis said.

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