FDA’s Medical Interference, Time for ESG Antitrust Action and other commentary

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Libertarian: FDA’s Medical Interference

The Wall Street Journal quoted Joel Zinberg on FDA banning practices:

“Secreted within the 2023 omnibus appropriations bill,” notes Joel Zinberg in The Wall Street Journal, “is a 19-line section that could change the way medicine is practiced.” The hidden measure gives the Food and Drug Administration “the authority to ban some of these off-label uses of otherwise approved products” thus undermining “medical innovation and patient care.” The statute empowers the FDA to not only engage in “banning devices for particular uses” but allows “it to ban off-label uses of drugs as well.” Off-label uses are routine in oncology and pediatrics, “where scientific, ethical and logistical concerns preclude conducting large trials for approval in children.” Letting government bureaucrats overrule the judgment of physicians “will discourage attempts to use approved products in new and beneficial ways and deprive patients of valuable treatments.”

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