FedEx Freight Drivers in NC Decertify Teamsters

Bloomberg BNA discusses the decertification of Teamsters by FedEx Freight in North Carolina with Trey Kovacs.

FedEx Freight drivers in Charlotte, N.C., voted to decertify the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 71 on July 7, FedEx said in a statement.

Neither the company nor the union would discuss the decertification, but one observer told Bloomberg BNA the exit may be a sign of future trends.

Some expect employees to benefit from the vote.

“A benefit from decertifying the union is getting rid of the third-party that is an impediment to direct conversation between employer and employees about workplace conditions,” Trey Kovacs, a policy analyst at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, said.

Members also won’t have to pay dues or be constrained by a one-size-fits-all working model, Kovacs said.

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