Fiji’s Approval Of The UN Treaty Undermines Obama’s Global Warming Agenda

The Daily Caller discusses Obama's claim that the Paris deal is not a treaty with CEI's Chris Horner. 

“His argument is that he says it isn’t really a treaty, in order to skirt the Senate’s shared role in this process,” Chris Horner, an attorney at the free market Competitive Enterprise Institute, told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Horner has been a prominent critic of the Obama administration’s labelling of the U.N. deal as a political agreement, rather than a formal treaty. The White House has been careful not to call the Paris deal a “treaty” — which requires Senate approval to have the force of law.

“Obama can claim the obvious treaty isn’t a treaty — despite practice, protocol, its history and its terms,” Horner said, adding he thinks the Senate should vote on the agreement whether or not Obama brings it before them for approval.

“Nothing, however, says the Senate cannot vote on the Paris agreement, now that it has been struck and the President vowed to purport to bind us,” Horner said, “absent the Senate exercising its shared role in the treaty-making process that Obama has said it cannot exercise because, well, if it did, the treaty wouldn’t stand a chance.”

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