First ‘Richard Windsor’ emails duds

DOCUMENT DUMP: EPA on Monday released the first batch of emails from EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson’s “Richard Windsor” alias email account, in response to a lawsuit brought by the Competitive Enterprise Institute. The first of four batches the agency agreed to release monthly, it includes 2,100 emails of a search of 3,000 “responsive documents” from the administrator’s email account that included any of the search terms coal, climate, endanger or MACT, as requested by CEI.

If you were thinking of rooting through the thousands of pages of emails released by the agency, ME won’t stop you, but we can save you some time: There’s nothing much of interest. EPA took the low-hanging fruit in the first release; it includes mostly all-staff emails Jackson sent out, daily collections of news and blog clips and four years of Google alerts.

NOT HAPPY: CEI’s father of the Richard Windsor FOIA lawsuit, Chris Horner, wasn’t happy with his first round of results. “’Waiter, the food was terrible, and portions too small!’,” Horner said, questioning the final email tally (2,100), and the “impressively anemic content/volume ratio” of that which was delivered: “First, the WaPo daily news brief. Then Google alerts for “Lisa Jackson EPA” (any for “Richard Windsor”?). Then EPA HQ national news clips. And so on. Rope a dope. Clever. Maybe too much so,” he said in an email to POLITICO.