Former Official: Trump Is ‘Going To Go Farther’ Than Reagan In Cutting EPA

The Daily Caller covers CEI’s petition with the EPA to review the endangerment finding. 

A former Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) official believes the Trump administration will go even further than the Reagan administration in terms of curbing the agency’s power over the economy.

“It looks like Pruitt and the Congress and this administration are undoing EPA and their regulations,” Jovita Pajarillo, the former assistant director of EPA Region 9’s water division, told Business Insider Sunday.

Myron Ebell, Trump’s former EPA transition team leader and head of energy and environment policy at the libertarian Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), criticized the administration for its dithering on the Paris agreement and endangerment finding.

“Paris and the endangerment finding are the two big outstanding issues. It’s the first wave of things that are necessary to turn this country around, particularly in the heartland states,” Ebell said at a recent conference.

Trump promised to pull out of the Paris agreement while on the campaign trail. Now, the White House is considering staying party to the agreement, which commits signatories to voluntarily reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Obama joined the Paris agreement in 2016.

CEI has filed a petition with EPA to review the endangerment finding. The Obama administration issued the finding in 2009, which gave EPA the legal authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions. Obama’s whole global warming agenda hinges on this document.

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