‘Free to Prosper’: Competitive Enterprise Institute Offers Congress A Pro-Growth Agenda

The Washington Times cited CEI’s latest report, Free to Prosper: A Pro-Growth Agenda for the 116th Congress:

The Competitive Enterprise Institute has released a handy guide for lawmakers, and the title explains all: “Free to Prosper: A Pro-Growth Agenda for the 116th Congress.”

The advice from the nonprofit public policy organization is straightforward. Reduce the clutter of federal regulations that stifle American lives and livelihoods, and prosperity will follow.

“The governance of American life has been handed over to an operating system that subtly and perversely drives individuals’ behavior away from their own decisions. Unaccountable regulatory agencies dominate how we live, work, play, build, travel, prepare food, and heal one another,” wrote Kent Lassman, president of the organization, in the report’s introduction.

“Did you know it is a federal crime to sell chewing gum that is more than 0.065 percent beeswax or to sell vegetable spaghetti bigger than 0.11 inch in diameter? We have all seen the photos of the Federal Register that look like mountains of paper. But what do those pages mean for real people?” Mr. Lassman asked.

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