Google Accord With Harvard Tie Fails Judge’s Smell Test

Bloomberg Business reports on Center for Class Action's argument in the In re Google Referrer Header Privacy case.

Davila also heard today from an objector to the settlement, Theodore Frank, a lawyer at the Washington-based Center for Class Action Fairness. Frank told Davila the settlement is unfair because it promises more than $2 million in fees for plaintiffs’ lawyers seek and gives class members nothing.

If the case went to trial, there would be several billion of dollars at stake based on Google’s alleged violation of federal wiretap laws, Frank said in an interview after the hearing. The case may be a longshot and there may not be much value lost in giving up the right to sue as part of the settlement, he said.

“But Google is paying $2 million to get rid of the case, and the attorneys are taking it all for themselves,” he said.

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