Governing by Blog Post? Report Finds Obama Administration Creatively Imposing New Federal Rules

TheBlaze reports on Wayne Crews's report on agency's regulation through guidance documents. 

The Obama administration, already under fire for bypassing Congress, is also finding new ways to bypass the regulatory process through executive branch agencies, according to a new analysis by the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

The report, made public Tuesday, says federal regulators are imposing new restrictions on American business and individuals “through guidance documents, memoranda and even blog posts.”

Wayne Crews, the CEI vice president for policy and the author of the report, calls this “regulatory dark matter.”

“The Obama administration is imposing its regulatory agenda on the American economy by dodging legally-required checks and balances,” Crews said. “The administration has been deservedly criticized for unilateral executive actions, but other types of agency rulemaking go overlooked, and people have no chance to weigh in on new policies that impact them.”

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