Green Attorney Says Virgin Island AG Was In ‘Way Over His Head’ With ExxonMobil Investigation

The Daily Caller dicusses Attorney General Walker's withdrawal of his subpoena against CEI with Kent Lassman and Sam Kazman. 

Walker also subpoenaed free market group Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) April 7, which anti-fossil fuel activists say was in league with Exxon in hiding research on so-called man-made global warming. Walker withdrew his subpoena against CEI as well. The subpoena demanded a decade’s worth of the group’s work on global warming and energy.

“The clear conclusion to draw following [Walker’s] withdrawal of the ExxonMobil subpoena is that these subpoenas were a baseless fishing expedition from the beginning,” CEI president Kent Lassman said in a press statement.

CEI’s general counsel, Sam Kazman, blanched at the idea that Walker can just drop his subpoena with few ramifications, telling The Daily Caller News Foundation that, “The withdrawal only strengthens our support for sanctions against Walker and the other attorneys general.”

“We feel AGs should not be allowed to pile unconstitutional stuff on a group and simply walk away, scot-free,” Kazman said. He added the withdrawal was definitely a boon for the free market group, and possibly even Exxon, depending on the negotiations between the two sides.

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