Ground Control To Major Tom…Keep It Local, Man…

From Anita Cooper’s article in RealtyBizNews:

Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Adjunct Scholar, Rand Simberg, has been working to make the recognition of lunar property rights a reality. Simberg believes that if the United States were to allow claims to land on the moon it would improve colonization efforts. He noted that the ability to own property [moon land titles] “…would have great potential to kick the development of extraterrestrial resources – and perhaps even the human settlement of space – into high gear.”

Any history buff will remember that the initial colonization of America was the result of corporations who funded the venture in hopes of profit. That same drive for profit is what Simberg and other experts believe will help jump-start lunar colonization. If a corporation can see a way to profit from the venture, they will be more likely to fund the effort.