Groups push Congress to create regulatory budget

The Hill reports on a coalition letter led by CEI and sent to Congress urging lawmakers to approve the proposed regulatory budget.  

Advocacy groups are calling on Congress to account for the cost of regulations in next year’s final federal budget.

A coalition led by the Competitive Enterprise Institute wrote an open letter to Congress asking lawmakers include the regulatory budget proposed by House Budget Committee Chairman Tom Price (R-Ga.) in their fiscal 2017 plan.

“The government’s cost burden imposed on American families and businesses extends well beyond taxes, deficits, and borrowing. The country spends hundreds of billions of dollars each year on red tape,” the groups said. “That’s a big drain on the economy, entrepreneurship and job creation.”

“With the recognition of the regulatory hidden tax alongside the budgetary one, we urge Congress to seize this unique opportunity to assert control over the regulatory state and enact significant reforms,” the letter from the groups said.

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