Harassment of Scientists Threatens Independent Research, Science Journal Warns

Heartland Institute discusses criticism of biotechnology scientists with Greg Conko.

Greg Conko, executive director of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, says the attacks on biotechnology do not surprise him.

“Plant breeders and other scientists at public universities are supposed to be talking to farmers and private-sector seed companies, so they can learn from people involved in real-world agriculture and their research can benefit farming and food production,” Conko said. “Anti-biotechnology activists know that. And they know if they cast a wide enough net, they will inevitably find a few out-of-context statements that make those communications appear suspicious.

“The activists want to send a message to public-sector researchers: If they cooperate with private-sector entities, the researchers will be targeted and punished for the ‘sin’ of not hating the private sector,” Conko said.

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