Here’s How The EPA Could ‘Nationalize’ A Foreign Car Company

The Daily Caller discusses the Environmental Protection Agency's reach into the automobile industry with William Yeatman. 

“If the report is true, EPA is seeking some sort of electric vehicle production quota and also the implementation of a nationwide infrastructure to support electric vehicles, as a remedy for VW’s Clean Air Act violations,” William Yeatman, an economist at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “What does the agency know about running a car plant or operating a nationwide network of vehicle battery chargers? For that matter, what does the Clean Air Act have to do with setting industrial policy? It’s an outlandish request at face value.”

“The idea that an environmental regulatory agency can leverage an air quality control sanction into the nationalization of a foreign auto makers’ production schedule makes my head spin,” Yeatman continued.

[T]he parallel to the Clean Power Plan is striking. There, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy is openly bragging about how the agency is going to transform the energy business as if the EPA has any expertise whatsoever in running the electric grid,” Yeatman concluded. “We are increasingly worse off as a society as more industries succumb to central planners at the EPA.”

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